Failure is not an option, because...success is the only option! 

Our mission is to cultivate and develop the entire school community so that all students are college-and-or career ready. With foci on all populations of children, teachers will engage collaboratively to ensure accelerated student learning through reflective practice and professional learning experiences. A guiding philosophy of all adults in the school community is that every student deserves an effective teacher, and we work tirelessly to seek out opportunities that will advance this belief.


Our goal is to increase the number of level 3 and 4 students by 10% in English Language Arts and Mathematics.



Dear Parents/ Guardians & Families:

Happy New Year!

   We are excited and eager to kick off the New Year in our building and get back to our routine. We want to keep the focus on learning and setting goals for the 2nd half of the year. Together we will prepare our students/children to compete in this ever-changing world. We here at IS339 wish you a flourishing and successful year.

   It's the start of a new year and nearly the halfway point in this school year. So it's a good time to take stock and make any needed adjustments. Spend some time talking with your child about how the year is going. If the two of you set learning goals at the start of the year, review those goals now. Is he or she making progress? How can they make the rest of the school year even better?

   Parents, it's very important to spend time reading. Principal Outerbridge is raising the bar making sure that all our students are reading for 45 mins everyday at home. There is no skill that will help your child more in school. Reading like other skills gets better with practice. Encourage your child to read, and don't worry about what they read. Let them read about sports, her or his favorite TV start or an inspiring person.

    IS339 encourages open communication with parents and the community. We want you to be informed throughout the school year, your child's progress and of school activities. Look for literature coming home each day, newsletters, invitations, updates, tips and reminders. We want you to know that our door is always open for you.

Mr. Echavarria

718-583-6767 ext.# 2411 

                             "FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION"



  • January 2nd - Back To School
  • January 5th - Progress Report Will Be Distributed
  • January 8th -12th - I-Ready Diagnostics test ELA
  • January 9th - ELL State Review
  • January 15th - MLK Day (School Closed)
  • January 16th - 22nd - I-Ready Diagnostic test Math
  • January 22nd - SLT & PA Meeting
  • January 25th - Promotion In Doubt Workshop
  • January 31st - Family Movie Night 


The mandatory uniform policy is intended to promote a more effective learning climate; foster school unity and pride; improve student performance; foster self-esteem; eliminate label competition; simplify dressing and minimize costs to parents.  Our school uniform consist of the Official Tech Tiger polo shirt:

  • 6th Grade: White shirt and khaki pants
  • 7th Grade: Red shirt and khaki pants
  • 8th Grade: Navy blue shirt and khaki pants
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