Failure is not an option, because...success is the only option! 

Our mission is to cultivate and develop the entire school community so that all students are college-and-or career ready. With foci on all populations of children, teachers will engage collaboratively to ensure accelerated student learning through reflective practice and professional learning experiences. A guiding philosophy of all adults in the school community is that every student deserves an effective teacher, and we work tirelessly to seek out opportunities that will advance this belief.


Our goal is to increase the number of level 3 and 4 students by 10% in English Language Arts and Mathematics.


Dear Parents/ Guardians & Families:

Yes! April is here and as you all know your child is about to take the New York State English Language Arts and Mathematics exam over the course of the next two weeks. Parents please help your children get ready for the state exams. The NYSESLAT will be administered on Tuesday April, 1st, 2

Please ensure that your child is prepared for these days by getting a good night’s rest before the exam, eat nutritious breakfast and come to school on time with two sharpened No.2 pencil. The NYSMT will be on the April 30th Attendance is crucial for these dates. As we all know if your child misses this exam it puts him or her in jeopardy to repeat the grade. Mr. Echavarria will be making wake up calls for the next two weeks to remind students to come early for these exams. We are all needed in order for our scholars to succeed. 

IS 339 had a successful parent workshop on children portfolios, on March 31st learned the important of their child's portfolio and how to make sure their children portfolio in up to date. Over 25 parents attended this workshop and were excite for the upcoming one. 


The Learning Environment Survey is very important for your child’s school. The Department of Education carefully reviews parents answers and uses the results of the survey to make improvements in the schools, increase opportunities for students, and to continue to raise expectations for learning and safety. For more information on filling out the school surveys please contact Mr. Echavarria 718-583-6767 or visit our website


Senior year is a big year for our students. In addition to preparing students to go to High School, we, the 8th staff at I.S. 339, are working very hard to make this year memorable for all of our students. The total package for senior dues is $200 and time is running out. All dues must be paid in full by May 5, 2014. Below you will find a breakdown of the total package.

  • Cap and Gown package $50
  • Yearbook $25
  • Senior Trip $75
  • Prom $50

For more information about senior dues please contact Ms. Cruz, the 8th grade assistance principal @ 718-583-6767 ext 3180.

Please update your telephone numbers on Blue Emergency Cards.

Thank you,
Kim Outerbridge

March 31, 2014, "Human Nature" by John Bettis (performed by Michael Jackson) winners:


"If this town / is just an apple / let me take a bite" means that he wants to experience the moment and have it. (Osman Touray, Class 806)


"If this town / is just an apple / let me take a bite."  Michael Jackson says if New York City is an apple let me take a bite, meaning let me see what it's like. (Latizha Rojan, Class 821)


"If this town / is just an apple / let me take a bite."  Michael Jackson says New York City is an apple, let me take a bite, meaning let me see what's it's like. (Jada Faison, Class 821)


"If this town / is just an apple / let me take a bite."  This line means that if something is just another opportunity, let me take advantage of the opportunity.  (Talia Esaw, class 804)


Within the song "Human Nature" by Michael Jackson, a metaphor is comparing two things without using like or as, when he says if this town is just an apple let me take a bite, he is referring to New York City.  I can infer he wants his part in the city.  He want his turn to do something in the city, to continue he wants his part.  (Janique Wilson, Class 804)

IS 339 is offering for FREE classes for adults:

IS 339 Second Annual Family Fun Day.

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The mandatory uniform policy is intended to promote a more effective learning climate; foster school unity and pride; improve student performance; foster self-esteem; eliminate label competition; simplify dressing and minimize costs to parents.  Our school uniform consist of the Official Tech Tiger polo shirt:

  • 6th Grade: White shirt and khaki pants
  • 7th Grade: Red shirt and khaki pants
  • 8th Grade: Navy blue shirt and khaki pants

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